Public Notice of Elderglen Village Meeting

Post date: Jun 16, 2015 5:35:40 PM

One and All are invited to the first Elderglen Village Meeting, to be held at No. 6 Myrtle Burrows near Elder Falls on Wednesday the 24th of this month. This gathering is open to all, but we would especially like to meet and greet neighbours already resident in the village and anybody looking to move into this beautiful new homestead.

Provisional Agenda:

~ Elderglen Village Governance

~ Trespasser at Harrow Fields

~ Proposed Elderglen Games

~ Absorption of Myrtle Burrows

~ Any Other Business

Should you wish to add any topics to the Agenda, please contact Pogodoc Spudplucker, Shirriff (Hon.) of the Southfarthing.

Refreshments will be served from Nine Bells ((9pm UK, 4pm servertime)), all welcome!