Presenting the new rug to Barmy and judges report

Post date: May 23, 2015 9:31:2 AM

By Rubellita Brandybuck  

Bywater, the Green Dragon..  Two hobbits crossed the Bywater market Square, carrying the rolled up winning carpet of the "Design a rug" competition. I was grateful, that Master Potty helped me carry the precious, but unwieldy package. We wanted to ask the other judges, Miss Rubysue and Miss Korinna, to come along too, but they were not around at the time.  Barmy Rootknot came back from the larder when he heard us enter.

"What's this then?" he asked, pointing at the package on his bar.

"Well, it's the new rug to replace the worn one in front of the fireplace."

Barmy scratched his head.

"Well, that can't be! I had the new rug delivered just before Monday's storm that nearly took my roof off. Blasted Friday firework launchers, they must have shifted some of the roof tiles."

I was most surprised at his answer, but not enough to let him change the subject to fizzers.

"You already had the new rug delivered? A Green Piper rug?"

"Whatever you like to call it", Barmy nodded and pointed.

We quickly went over to the fireplace and I nearly fainted when I saw..  an obviously new, but exactly alike brown rug at the fireplace.

"But,.. but,.. that's not what we agreed upon!"

Barmy shrugged and grumbled something about it being the quickest and cheapest solution and "coins not growing on trees you know, young lass!"

Meanwhile, Master Potty had bent down and found a label sown on a corner of the rug. He read it aloud:

Made in Goblin town.

No goblins were harmed (well, not very much), in the making of this rug.

No backsies, no garantee, sales are final.

Well, that was a fine situation! Here we were with a superior rug and Barmy would not hear of it, because he got some cheapish replacement rug of his own, which was also of the same design and suspicious quality as the previous one.

"You probably wanted a GOBELIN rug, not a GOBLIN one! And how about our design competition?? We've brought you the winner!"

Reluctantly, Barmy had us spread out the beautiful Green Piper rug and again he scratched his head.

"Well, I suppose I could hang it up on the wall somewhere. With the abuse you hobbits do to my rug each Friday, this one would not survive long!"

"I think longer, much longer, than the Goblin one!", Master Potty interjected, but Barmy was unrelenting.

Oh, I was so angry! I felt sad for Miss Amorey and all the other designers who had worked so hard to produce a nice replacement rug. Master Potty comforted me: "Well, we do still have the new designs, Miss Rubellita. Yer should not be sad. It was a lovely competition. We gave it a good try."

I nodded and spread out the paper with the judges report. If we can't share the new rug with all the hobbits that visit Green Dragon Friday, then let us at least share this report with them:


Judges report of the "Design a new rug for the Green Dragon" competition

We've received five entries to the Design a rug competition.

Our task as judges was, to pick one winner and that was hard!

All entries have a quality of their own, but they could not all win first prize.

We'll first present to you the four runners-up, in random order.

Glass hearts and and stars, made by Miss Sighleen

The description says:

"This is inspired by stained glass art. Having recently spent time in the glassblower's camp near Dwaling; I wanted to honor the artisans there and raise awareness of their plight. The fine craft of glassblowing in the Bullroarer's Sward is in danger of disappearing forever because of unrest in the region."The judges say:The judges liked the promotion of the glassblowers' art, but agreed that it would serve better as a design for a window and not so much for a rug. If ever the Green Dragon needs new windows, we will certainly remind Barmy of this lovely entry! Next one was made by Miss Hollyberye and is called

The Variegated Vivacity of Green Dragon Fridays.

The description says:

"I have captured here the complex vim and vitality of Green Dragon Fridays...we have the battling yellow and orange clans represented in the stars, the musical conflicts of bagpipes versus all other instruments, with Pipes on the side of the pipes and an uncompromising Miss Lina representing all other instruments, the ever present mugs of ale and desire for pie, and finally, a stern but benevolent green dragon overlooking us all. Just don't make the tiny red glow in the Dragon or Miss Lina's eyes get any bigger, if you know what is good for you!"The judges say:The judges really appreciated this design, as it really captures the spirit of Green Dragon Friday. On it's relatively simple design, there was a difference of opinion, but it would have worked well on the floor of the inn.

Then we have the design called "Pendragon", made by Master Tahitoa.

The description says:

"This design is  inspired by Celt art and it is weaved in green threads on a pale gold background. In the centre a dark green dragon symbolize ancient wisdom and knowledge. The Celtic borders form a never-ending circle of life and nature." The judges say:A simply stunning design that looks rather majestic. It is sturdy and would survive many evenings of dancing and bouncing.But the design also looks rather dwarvish, fit for the hall of a Dwarven Lord, the judges thought.And who would dare spill even a single drop of ale on such wonderful design?!But that goes for all the designs.Now there are two entries left. When I mention the runner up, the winner will be known..

But please, hold the celebration until we have given equal attention to the next design:

Spring Bouquet, again by Miss Sighleen

The description says:"The flowers of the shire are the inspiration for this colorful and playful creation. The lush, deep pile of this rug was achieved by using the strong, thick yarns spun from the lovely sheep's roving of Northcotton Farm."The judges say:It's a lovely design, that will make hobbits warm and merry as soon as they see it. And it is made of sturdy material, which spells longevity. It would make a fine rug in any hobbits home.What it lacks in design is connection with the Green Dragon and Green Dragon Friday, but a fine design it is!Yes and finally, the winner of the Design a rug competition and candidate for the new rug here at the fireplace in the Green Dragon...

the Green piper, by Miss Amorey!!

The description says:"In this design we can see a lonely hobbit piper garbed in green and gold, standing proudly in the Greenfields , playing a beautiful hobbit tune on his bagpipe. Embroidered on his sleeve a green dragon. The colours in this design are warm and cheerful , favourite by hobbits."The judges say:This design is truly hobbity, inspiring hobbits by depicting a proud hobbit.  Also, inviting  artists to share their music, tales and poetry on. Heroic tales! If not used as a rug, it would also serve very well as a tapestry to cover one of the more horrid pictures currently on the wall. Though not all regular visitors favour the depicted musical device, this is the one the judges picked as the new rug for the Green Dragon!!


Congratulations to our winner, Miss Amorey! Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and to the judges Miss Rubysue, Miss Korinna and Master Potty, for their fair judgement!

And pfffffrrrrrrrrfff *blows a raspberry* to Barmy Rootknot for not holding his end of the deal. Let's all scold him this upcoming Green Dragon Friday!