Pipeweedshop *The Smoking Shrew* opening soon

Post date: Jul 06, 2014 8:58:47 AM

By Bramwise Oatroot 

Good day Fellow Hobbits and Readers of the Gazette, 


My name is Bramwise Oatroot, some of you local Hobbits know me already. 

I came from the Northfarthing, from the town of Oatbarton, and came to settle at Waymeet to start an enterprise:  

To start a Pipeweedshop *The Smoking Shrew*,  


But a hobbit can not build this on his own, and it's not built in one day. 

Therefore I call on you fine Hobbits to aid me in my endeavor. 


I've spoken to the Mayor in Michel Delving, and he grants me the rights to build the Shop.

In one of the Hobbit housing districts, it would be a grand addition to the community.


But I need signatures from local Hobbits for approval before I can start building.

Will you join to help me out?


Send your letter to me by quickpost at bramwise@hotmail.com



(( OOC


The Smoking Shrew will not be an active kinship, but a RP shop open for the public.

I'd like to make some public events  in the Oakham District where I plan to buy the kinshiphouse.

Events include a kind of a shop/market for pipeweed customers who like to tell tales of adventures while buying the finest Pipeweed.


Hobbits can join to maintain a minimum of members required to obtain a kinhouse. Best is for Alts- Hobbits.  ))