Pie Shop Lads (and Lassies) announce Summer Tour of the Shire

Post date: Apr 28, 2017 10:35:52 AM

By Skepto Shireskald    

The "Pie Shop Lads (and Lassies)" are the Fëanáró Nosseö Kinship Band. They are an up-and-coming, merry music band of short folks, with a wide range of music styles. Over the past few weeks they have been rehearsing hard, but now the wait is over...  

On Tuesday May 16th, the Pie Shop Lads (and Lassies) will be launching their 2017 debut 7-concert Tour of The Shire, with a concert in Stock at the Golden Perch. It starts at  8:30 PM ((UK time)) Every fortnight, they will give a new concert in a different town in the Shire, leading up to a grand release party in Michel Delving, where Pie Shop Lads (and Lassies) will present brand new lyrics for the best of the songs from the tour!

Free admission for the Free Folk - that is why they are the Free Folk. Non-Hobbits are advised to wear their dancing shoes, and everyone should bring their best mood and broadest smile.


All dates are Tuesdays, concerts starting at 8:30pm ((UK time/3:30 Pm servertime/21:30 Central European Summer Time))

Stock - outside The Golden Perch - May 16th

Frogmorton - outside The Floating Log - May 30th

Brockenborings - By the Bullroarer Statue - June 13th

Oatbarton - near the forge, at May Gardner's barn - June 27th

Needlehole - Market Square - July 11th

Tuckborough - Courtyard of the Great Smials - July 25th

Hobbiton - behind the old Windmill - August 8th

Special Finale Event:

Grand Release Party in Michel Delving with release of brand new lyrics and guest bands performances, ale, pie, ale, music, pipe-weed, ale, beer, ale, and good times! The whole minstrel trade will be there, so it is your chance to hang with your favourite bard!

Saturday August 26th - location and time to be announced.

The Pie Shop Lads (and Lassies) are looking forward to sharing their music with you all, and to help them Shire Hobbits get their feet dancin'!


We encourage RP, but should you not feel like participating and just want to hear the music, that is just fine. All we ask is that you be respectful and considerate to those who do want to engage in RP, and keep excessive emoting, pets and chatter in other languages than English to a minimum.:) ))

Well met, and we hope to see you there!

On behalf of the Pie Shop Lads (and Lassies)

Skepto Shireskald (contact hobbit)