Party time at the Bird and Baby Inn, Today December 5th

Post date: Dec 05, 2013 10:45:11 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush   After succesfully and to everyone's content servicing Gammer Took's party on Tuesday, the Bird and Baby Inn Staff are throwing their own party, today on December 5th, from 7pm on until the last party-goer leaves. We can't imagine it is because there were many pies leftover from Tuesday, as one of the guests was pie connaisseur Master Simbo Rumblebelly.    No, the party is to make hobbits familiar with the new staff at the Bird and Baby. They will be open from 5pm until 11pm ((UK)), setting up a bar in the inn's yard. Ofcourse food will be freshly cooked and served as well. Take a look at the  menus and prepare your taste buds for the best! All other hours Carlo Proudfoot will serve you inside the inn.

Master Chucro, responsible for the new course of business at the Bird and Baby, tells us they can be hired to provide food and drink at upcoming parties. And that there will be special venues at the Bird and Baby, the first one being today's party.

The Bird and Baby Staff would also like to hear from hobbits who would like to work with them at the Inn. It can be hard work on busy days, but the pay is good and you'll meet a lot of interesting (but mainly hungry and thirsty) hobbits. So if you fancy a job at the Bird and baby Inn, please contact Master Chucro or one of the other members of the Staff.

Read more about the plans the Staff is making here.