Overhill to Host Second Shire Angling Club Contest

Post date: Sep 10, 2015 4:59:27 PM

By Penina Pondhopper, events organiser 

Well, Ponso and I have been so busy getting the pond in Overhill ready for the fishing competition, we almost forgot to announce it! The good folk of Overhill are hosting the contest for the second year and it promises to be a grand late summer event!  

Ponso has restocked the pond with all kinds of fish, especially catfish! So, bring your fishing tackle, your cooking equipment and your appetites! There will be usual fabulous prizes and doubtless entertainment and good food.

We are gathering by the ponds at seven and a half bells ((7:30 pm UK time, 2.30pm servertime)) on Saturday 12 September.

See you all there!