Overhill Pond fishing the ‘best ever’

Post date: Oct 30, 2016 3:43:14 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper   

All together, 22 fisher-hobbits took part in the fishing match up at Overhill on the first of Blotmath. A total of 602 fish were caught, of which 43 were catfish. You can imagine the feast that followed! We had a formidable record to beat, that set by Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot last year, of 20lb 15oz. But that didn’t deter our competitors who landed not one, but four record-breaking catfish.  

The trophy went to Mister Fidgit with a whopping catfish of 24lb 15oz 15 drams. He beat Miss Toolee by less than half an ounce! We are looking at our records but we believe this to be the biggest catfish ever caught in Overhill. The Shire record of 59lb 5oz is still held by Miss Pennyroyal who landed this whopper on the 7th of Wedmath in Woodhall. Now that is a record that will be hard to beat!

The results of the contest were as follows:

1st prize: Miss Allegretta with 59 points, 30 fish caught, including a catfish of 16lb 8oz

2nd prize: Miss Bilberri with 58 points, 32 fish caught, including a catfish of 11lb 3oz

3rd prize: Miss Knitbone with 58 points and 31 fish caught, including a catfish of 20lb 15oz.

Runners up, who all received a specially engraved fishing rod: Miss Harbella, Mister Hartten, Miss Hollyberye, Mister Fidgit and Miss Pennyroyal.

The weedy prize, donated by Mister Ozbourne of the Shire Angling Club went to Mister Potty with a catch of 6 bundles of weed!

Many thanks to all who took part to make this the best ever contest held in Overhill.