Over 1000 fish caught at this year’s Needlehole match

Post date: Sep 05, 2015 10:0:7 AM

By Ponso Pondhopper  

As part of the annual Harnkegger Games, The Shire Angling Club hosted another fishing competition At Rushock Gate outside Needlehole. Taking part were 36 men, dwarves, elves and hobbits catching a total of 892 fish, 87 clumps of weed, 33 rusty daggers and one old boot! Hobbits took most of the prizes. The Weedy prize for the most weeds dredged out of the river went to Eldfrey, with 7 clumps of weed. 

11 runners up received a commemorative rod: Cuthdikc, Knitbone, Glotho, Berryrose, Hollyberye, Oleanderrose, Gennetta, Lorfalma, Stafting, Allegretta and Wolden.

3rd place with 2 Barbel, 5 Bitterling, 3 Charr, 5 Colourful Charr, 12 Dace, 5 Giant Goldfish, 7 Goldfish, 5 Magnificent Minnows, 6 Minnows, 1 Rudd, 2 rusty dagger and a clump of weeds was Mister Ahlvar, a dwarf of some repute, 48 points.

2nd place, with 10 Barbarous Barbel, 4 Barbel, 2 Bitterliing, 5 Bright Bitteriling, 2 Catfish, 10 Cunning Catfish, 3 Charr, 6 Dace, 5 Delightful Dace, 1 Goldfish, 4 Minnow, 1 Rudd, 1 Smelt, 10 Superb Smelt, 2 Rusty daggers and 3 clumps of weed was Gunthalin, with 59 points.

1st prize, with 5 Bitterling, 5 Bright Bitterling, 2 Charr, 10 Colourful Charr, 14 Dace, 5 Delightful Dace, 5 Giant Goldfish, 2 Goldfish, 1 Golden Mullet, 2 Houting, 6 Minnow, 3 Rudd, 3 Smelt, 1 Rusty dagger and one clump of weeds was Miss Segra, 62 points.

This was an extremely well-attended event with above average results. The Shire Angling Club are very grateful to the organisers of the Harnkegger games for providing the excellent prizes and for helping with the count.