Orange?? Dragon Friday?

Post date: Feb 11, 2015 12:11:38 PM

A letter sent in by Miss Judicea "Gammer" Took  

Dear Bramblebury Gazette,  

Being a loyal reader of your newspaper, I feel it as my duty to point out a possible printing error on your front page: among the recurring events, it mentions "Orange Dragon Friday". If it is not a printing error, I wonder what this Barmy Rootknot lad has been up to now! Changing the trusted name of his very old and famous inn? He was no good as a young lad either, he was. Always looking for trouble and trouble looking for him. Please enlighten this old lady about this matter.  


J. Took, Michel Delving.

Editor's reply.:

Dear Miss Took,

Thank you for reading our Gazette with such a keen eye. But no, it was no misprint. Not this time. Let me try to explain to you and our other readers:

Miss Lina Willowwood, who is always doing the splendid job of smoothly guiding us through the Green Dragon fridays as host and master of ceremonies, is out of biscuit bounds this week. She has asked Master Simbo Rumblebelly to take over this Friday. Also, she has left a task list on the Grand Order's Bulletin Board. I quote:

Knowing Miss Lina, these are a bit odd requests, but Master Simbo and others have taken it upon them to complete the list before her return.

This means for upcoming Friday, February 13, the gathering at the Green Dragon shall be known as "Orange Dragon Friday".

Players and bands are encouraged to incorporate bagpipes in their performances.

As the main contractors, the Stoutfoot lasses will give report of the building activities in Songburrow during the News section of the evening.

Anyone finding biscuits, is encouraged to bring them to Green Orange Dragon Friday where they will be sampled and evaluated.

And most important:

All visitors of Orange Dragon Friday are asked to come dressed in orange garments!

Dyes can be bought from Master Simbo Rumblebelly.

Tools to help build in Songburrow can be bought from Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot.

"If we all do our best, then next Friday can be a regular Green Dragon Friday again", said one of the initiators.