Oldfurlong neighborhood survives a DRAGON!

Post date: Sep 23, 2015 9:38:15 AM

By Horace Greenley 

It is my pleasure to assure the good folks of Middle Earth that the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood has been restored to its former glory.  It has taken several woodworkers building new tables and repairing the stage but no longer are there any charred bits of wood about the square.

 Earlier this month the Oldfurlong neighborhood was host to a musical group called Die Bunten Voegel which for some reason known only to a few thought bringing along a dragon was a good idea.   a DRAGON!   I was a witness to this invasion as were many of the residents of Oldfurlong.   It was so incredible I had to make a quick drawing!   Here is the proof of what I'm saying:


Although it was plain to see it was not just the band who were calling its name to call forth this monster....several in the crowd also seemed to be chanting the name of the Dragon in question.

Therefore, I must conclude that it was no accident but part of some grand plan.

I think Miss Bilbeto was a bit surprised when the dragon in question turned and blew its fiery breath out on her as seen in this drawing.


Those assembled for the evening agreed it was worth dodging the dragon's flames to get to listen to the exhilarating music of Die Bunten Voegel and all joined in the fun with their famous Fireworks song....


I heard several comments throughout the evening:

Everbrock Spudplucker  :   Fantastic showmanship! I only caught the latter half but Die Bunten Voegel in Oldfurlong was easily one of the best concerts I've been to. Amazing special effects, and great audience participation.

Dremac Piper:      A really fabulous concert, really grand showmanship

Toadflax Nosely:    Eggstraordinary showmanship and music and everyone was just captivated. The (supposed) bagpipe-haters completely forgot to complain, which only goes to show. I think the band is not used to play such long gigs and so they sang some of their songs in their native tongue and I am glad they did not have time to translate those because they were really lovely words.

Potty Nutbutter:       They are a very unique and great soundin' band!    hard ter describe in words the grandness of their music!

Master Zedrock:       Such a great show for OAKS!

and Miss Bilbeto herself :  I just attended my first full performance by Die Bunten Voegel - I think it would be worth everyone going to watch them- if not just for the music for their performing skills and they way they draw the audience in.

The concert with Die Bunten Voegel began with Herr Ordosig stepping forward and saying, "We wish you an unforgettable evening!"  

           AND IT WAS!   

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Made by Master Zedrock:

OAKS presents : Die Bunten Voegel - 2015 Monday September 7th - Laurelin