Oldfurlong Closed fer Repairs

Post date: Jun 01, 2017 10:37:56 AM

By Acorne Oakley  


That was a wonderful Forest of OAKS on Saturday May 13!!! 

I have so many folks ta thank fer makin it so grand....  

thanks ta Polnolunie who started it off wit a HOT number.... a brave dwarfie throwin off his shirt ta show us his muscular chest and his agile shakin of his bovine clanker fer us all while Master Gerhalt was singin of the great Samwise Gamgee.  

Then came the fabulous 10th Anniversary Tribute ta Middle Earth music with 11 truly outstandin bands back-ta-back playin one song each...

Andune Ensemble wit the lore-filled hallowed lyrics of the huggable Hollyhawke

Breakfast Club wit the lovely Lady Lark singin of travelin down "Great East Road"

Evendim Hillbillies wit the great talent of my idol Miss Emylou..so glad they came in from Oatbarton!

Brandywine & Biscuits who gots t'gether ta play a stunnin bit of heavy metal which will probably be their last song ever...

White Flames who reminded all of us of the sweetness of livin in our Shire

Travelin Bilberries who taut us all a brand new dance.....I herd sumone say it mite be the third dwarfie dance but I no it be the "New Hobbit Dance"       *giggles*

Chantefables who thrilled us all wit their combination of a fabulous song and a few funny antics

           ...thanks dear cousin Louellana :)

Mondbarden whose outstandin version of "I See Fire" is so movin it makes me see the blood in the breeze.....*shivers*

A Rock and A  Hard Place who had us singin along wit them.."~Whoah oh oh oh oh oh oh!"

Brandy Badgers who wuz a bit reluctant ta share any of their fermented berries wit us but wuz willin ta share a lovely song just like they treat their hobbit friends ta at the Green Dragon on Fridays

and Die Bunten Voegel wit their incomparable "Ode to LOTRO"!!!

Next came the lil orchestra wit the BIG sound playin songs of earth, wind and river from Russian folk-metal...the HOPE!     May the Hope always be around ta entertain us!

Followed by a brother and sister who constantly impress us wit the fabulous sounds they can create wit only two instruments...the amazin Shire Tramps!

and then... Instant Play!   

Such truly incredible music that it seems that time wit them goes by all two fast...like they get ta the last song...and it seems they've only played fer an instant instead of the 30 minutes they actually played...   *chuckles*

Followed by Skarn whose music was so excitin...even the slow songs was rockin so much that sweet Shirriff Nimelia almost went ta get a pickaxe.

then came the awesum ARDA!            

who shared sum wonderfully sweet ..and swingin..... musical memories wit us

Ta end the evenin it seemed like time fer a drink...so...in came rollin the Kegs!

the fabulous dwarfies of the last band....the Rolling Kegs!

A very special thanks ta Miss Bil fer bein the voice of backstage at the Forest and helpin keep things runnin so smoothly   *kiss*

and ta Master Skepto fer givin so many folks them fireworks   *hugs cause I no kisses embarrass ya*

and ta Master Tiny fer sharin drinks wit so many folks  *kiss*....I no ya meant well when ya tried ta put out the fire wit ale...*hugs*

and my dear friend Ponso who is always so kind and generous sharin pipeweed wit all of us 


Thanks ta all of ya fer comin whether it be ta play or sing or dance or share a beer or smoke sum or  light up the town square wit them many bright fireworks!

I sincerely hope everybodee had a grand time!   :D

(( And fer any who couldnt make it ta the Forest of OAKS this year...here be dear Holly's magic movin drawings so ya can see everythin ya had ta miss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCB-0mHkxhE&t=4235s))

However..... we in Oldfurlong may have a bit of a problem...

seems some of us maybee gots a bit carried away wit the drinkin and smokin and fireworks...

The next mornin when me and sum of my neighbors came down ta clean up from the Forest....

We found a few things mite have been a bit broken...

like all the tables and benches..

and there may have been a wee bit of a fire smolderin in sum ashes near the big OAKS tree...

which Tiny may have tried to put out by throwin sum ale on it.

Anyhow we gonna have ta close Oldfurlong's town square down fer a little while ta get everythin repaired.....so....we will not have the OAKS fer a few weeks.

No worries tho ..cause I talked ta them fine workers that be fixin the roof of the Floatin Log.

They'll be comin ta Oldfurlong as soon as the repairs over at the Floating Log be done.

They are working as quickly as they can while still doing a good job..that's important to them.

Of course they do have ta take a break when passin dwarfies stop ta teach them a song...

to pass the time while they work.

Also since it be gettin warmer and roofin repair be hot work...they mite have ta take a break ever so often and go inside for a well-deserved beer...or two.

But I'm sure they will be comin ta Oldfurlong soon and we'll have anuther OAKS as soon as they finish the necessary repairs.

I'll keep ya updated on their progress....

Many warm hugs ta all of ya til then,


# # #

A word from the editor:

I think Acorne forgot to thank one important person, but then: she can hardly go thanking herself for all her tireless efforts to present the Shire with a monthly concert in Oldfurlong. And make people of all creed and breed come together to have an enjoyable evening.

So, on behalf of all our readers and all our musicians (including dear Miss Emylou! She told me to say that with emphasis) I want to thank Acorne herself for all she's done to make this possible for many years in a row now!

I do have my doubts at her choice of repairmen, though.  They've been mending that roof in Frogmorton for as long as I can remember! Better try your luck at the Hobbit Market and hire some woodworkers there, dear daughter!