Of special interest to Staddle hobbits and others: Music through the ages

Post date: Oct 03, 2014 11:36:47 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

The Gazette has received a letter from Master Grymrock Grey, a friendly dwarf who often can be seen visiting the Shire, always wearing a black top hat, which makes him easy to recognise. What most hobbits also know about Master Grymrock, or Grym to his most intimate friends, is that he is a minstrel and musician and Bandleader of that wonderful band "The Chosen Few".In his letter there was an announcement of a very special concert! Organised by Master Grymrock's kinship, the Order of the Divine Brew, there will be a performance of very old music. And did they know how to write nice music in previous ages!

We envy our brothers and sisters living in Staddle, Combe and Bree now, for they will not have to travel far: the concert will take place smack in the middle of that big place the tall ones call Bree, in it's Town Hall. You'll have to ask the locals for directions if you are not familiar with the layout of the place or buy a map at the West Gate.

Because even if you're living in the Shire, like most of our readers, it will be worth the trip.

To hear this wonderful "Music through the Ages", travel to the Bree Town Hall on October 11th. Make sure you'll be there by 8 Bells ((8pm UK, 3pm Servertime))

There will be wine and food served before and during the concert: there's a reception before the concert where you can mingle and get a taste of rare wines from around middle-earth while bards are playing soft music in the background.

For more information, please visit Master Grymrocks personal noticeboard.