Of Love and Riches - Repeat of Third GOAT Play

Post date: Oct 29, 2013 10:28:51 PM

By Simbo Rumblebelly 

Three years after its debut, the Grand Order Acting Troupe are pleased to finally announce a repeat performance of their third, epic play "Of Love and Riches".Date& Time: Saturday 9 November 7:30 PM  ((UK time, 2:30 Servertime))

Place: Path to Far-Downs, Michel Delving, The Shire

As with the original performance, this will open-air play, being performed outside the (still currently locked) gateway to the Far Downs, just west of Michel Delving. All hobbits are welcome to come, as are well-behaved dwarves and lankyshanks (although lankyshanks are requested to stand at the back so as not to obscure the view for the short-folk).

If you missed it first time round, or have had your memory dimmed in the intervening years, the play is an amusing tale about... Love! Adventure! Riches! And.... well, you will just have to come again to find out!

Please try and arrive around 15 minutes before the play is due to start to allow time to settle.

We hope to see many of you there! - Signed Tula, Simbo and Lina((OOC: Please be aware of the pesky chat bug which results in some players not being able to hear what another player says in open say. To resolve this, simply walk close enough to the other player for a short time until you can hear them, and once you can hear, you can then return to your original spot and should still be able to hear them.))