October OAKS...the Fun is right here at home in our Shire!

Post date: Oct 21, 2015 9:14:18 AM

By Mae Maplebrook   

Can you believe the gall of some very naughty hobbits?

   Not only did they sneak out of the Shire one dark night and go off exploring way, way out East of here...

    but also have you heard some of the tales they have been telling of what they saw out there?

They have told me that they have no regrets about going to a place called...End-of-the-Wait...

or some such made-up nonsense.   But they surely regretted it when they came back and found they had missed the last OAKS!

I have been asked by the charming editor of the Bramblebury Gazette to relate what happened that night.    Although personally I am not sure they deserve to know....

But what lass could resist when Master Bristlebrush asks would you write a brief report for those who might have been out of bounds?

It was another lovely evening in Oldfurlong with folks from near and far gathering together to hear another marvelous concert by another dedicated and talented band of hobbits....at least I think they were all hobbits (one lass in the band seemed to be wearing stilts...so out of fashion.... but I didnt have the heart to tell her).   It just so happened that I was talking to several folks as they left and writing down what they said in my handy notepad I always carry with me so I can share with all of you what was said.I heard a very tall elf all dressed in white named Finsamidor talking about coming all the way from Rivendell  ( such a great dancer he was...even with those abnormally long legs) .....

"I was curious to hear Thorn and Roses in the Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series (OAKS). I try to come to that event whenever I can. I hadn't heard this band before, so I didn't what to expect.

The band began with a personal favourite of mine, 'Great East Road', and continued smoothly with other jolly tunes, including for example Miss Hollyberye's singing of 'Chicken Pie'.   Overall, there was a good mix of slow and uptempo songs.   The lyrics were very funny, even in an otherwise sad song about a pub running out of beer!

To sum it up, Thorn and Roses gave an awesome concert and anyone looking for danceable music with funny lyrics should check them out. I know I already look forward to their next gig!"


Then I heard Sweet Simbo saying to Master Ponso as he was getting a last pouch of pipeweed before leaving...

"I really enjoyed the Thorn and Roses concert this evening. Master Pipes and his Roses always put on a good show at the Green Dragon, and this concert in Oldfurlong was especially enjoyable. It was full of grand tunes, many of which were set to words and sung very delightfully, especially Hooh's song about the drunken hobbit!  A very fine evening indeed.

 I particular liked the lasses in the hats the best!"

When I asked MIss Gennetta Aleford if she would recommend folks coming to see Thorn & Roses....she answered...

"This month's Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert were given by Master Pipes and his grand lasses, the Roses. The usual small band was joined by several guests musicians which allowed fer much grander arrangements. They played a wide variety of songs and tunes which were all very much in keeping with the mainly Hobbit audience although a few well known taller folk were also there and Mister Zedrock of course. The performance were very professional and polished as you would expect from these seasoned players and they managed to keep everyone well entertained fer the whole evening with ease. Feet were sore and hearts cheery by the end of the concert as well as most folk being filled up with soup, pies and ale. The highlight fer me was to see Master Hooh sing the Drunken Hobbit song and I think others agreed with me as this got an even louder cheer that most. We were all sorry when the concert was over and if yer have never seen Thorn and Roses yer is missin out on a truly grand time. Highly recommended."

Speaking of Master Zedrock...who has seen many concerts all over Middle Earth...I heard him saying....

"Sounds amazing! And woo! Such lyrics! "

Master Potty Nutbutter grinned as he said...

"Thorn and Roses are a grand band and their performace was absolutely amazin'!

I loved the guest Roses too!  Yer don't get ter see  Miss Tibba in a dress very often!"

and I talked to Master Hooh the next day about the performance....his reply was...

"The normally sleepy, Shire neighbourhood of Oldfurlong was buzzing with excitement last night in anticipation of a concert by "Thorn and Roses", another in the OAKs concert series.

The six piece band consisted of Master Pipes, Miss Dassa, Miss Hollyberye, Miss Coraline, Miss Rosafina and last but not least Miss Acorne, who is also the organiser of the OAKs concert series.

The audience were not disappointed as the thorn and his roses delighted them with a range of excellent songs many of which had imaginative lyrics.

My personal favourites were "Chicken Pie", in which Miss Hollyberye sang about her trials and tribulations in getting the "Cloak of the Cluck",

and the haunting and beautiful "Kites".

Master Pipes felt that some of the songs needed "MORE COWBELL!", so the show featured guest artists Miss Tibba, who played cowbell on the song "Hobbit Girl" and Miss Toolee who played cowbell on the song "Drunken Hobbit".

Master Pipes also did me the honour of inviting me to sing on "Drunken Hobbit".

The concert finished with the song "10/10" played by Thorn and Roses and all their guest artists.

As their, mostly hobbit, audience wended their way back to their hobbit holes, they agreed that the concert had been yet another OAKs triumph!"

So now I suppose all them hobbits who went off exploring will never do that again!

They must have learned to stay where they be safe and happy...here in our Shire! :)

 (at least I do hope they have....... )

Thorn and Roses, six hobbits, one on stilts, play Amazing music.

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Want to relive the evening? You can, thanks to Master Zedrock and his magical eye. Woo Zeddy!