OAKS presents: the Crazy Ladies of the Forest

Post date: Oct 22, 2014 10:23:7 AM

By Acorne Oakley  


Have all yer folks what luv a good party had enuf?  


Of course not...  

Well come on back ta the Oldfurlong neighborhood fer the next OAKS ta party wit us and sum special guests of ours...

what be sum lovely eluf ladies ..and maybee a hobbit?  

Oh yeah! Them eluf ladies no how ta party!

The Oldfurlong neighborhood will be rockin agin wit ....

the Crazy Ladies of the Forest!

Anybodee what went ta the Rockfest over in the land of the Eagles noes how they can stir up a crowd wit their music!

We want all of Middle Earth...and I mean everybodee in all of Middle Earth...ta come join us fer a pie-eatin, wine-drinkin, music-luvin, and fun dancin party wit them Crazy Ladies.

where: town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

when:  Tuesday November 4th at eight bells in the evenin  (8pm UK time/3pm server time)

Hugs ta ya all,


The Ladies performing at Rockfest