No Hobbit Market this Monday, September 6

Post date: Sep 04, 2021 9:9:15 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

Dear readers,

This is to inform you that the Hobbit Market on Monday September 6th has been cancelled.

The reason is that the Brandy Badgers have been asked to play at the Dwarves' Night out on Frerin's Court that evening.

And as many of the marketeers are members of the Brandy Badgers it was decided to cancel the market for just this one evening.

So there will be Hobbit Market on Tuesday September 7th, for sure! We hope to see you there.

And those of you of an adventurous nature, why not go out of bounds, take a trip to Thorin's Hall to support the Badgers and all the other bands playing there.