New office location

Post date: Jul 02, 2022 10:53:54 AM

By Agago Longleaf

Hi ya’s

Us Purple folks (Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band) fixed us up an office about a year or so ago.

It wuz clutterin’ up our homesteads too much ta have all that band business along with our plannin’ room for adventurin’ in our residences.  So we decided ta have one office fer all the bands. 


At first it wuz located in Sir Rannon’s  Shire Homesteads.  Now my dear ta my heart little brother Dahdoo Longleaf is in the band in Sir Rannon’s .  But them folks there wuz workin’ mighty hard and didn’t have no where ta call home.  Dahdoo sez they wuz tired a hangin’ out like homeless folks in Michel Delving, havin ta run inta the Bird N Baby ever time it rained.  So now them hard workin’ band folks in Sir Rannon’s  got a nice deluxe style home in the Frognotch at 6 Myrtle Street, and they be mighty happy indeed.


But that left us without an office.  Well that dandy dwarf Master Radvat managed ta get us another small residence in Laurelin Shire Homesteads Oldfurlong and now he is managin’ our office fer all the bands!!  This is a good set up fer us as Master Radvat is skilled at keepin’ our musical instruments in the bestest of condition.  So if’n we break a string, or lose a tunin’ peg,  er bust a drum head, er put a dent in the cowbell he knows just what ta do to fix it.  And if’n he gets bored, he can always go over ta Master Kenghis’ house and spill ale on his Gondorian Rug.  So if’n ya got any business with the Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band, be sure n’ drop by ta see Master Radvat in Laurelin Shire Homesteads Oldfurlong, 1 Myrtle Street.   Ya's can have a set down in the waitin' room till he calls ya back inta the office.   He’ll sure take care of ya and probably have a beer and a pipe with ya as well.


Huggies & sweet summer breezes

Agago Longleaf