Naughty Friday at the Green Dragon  - a report

Post date: Mar 23, 2014 9:47:19 AM

By Toadflax Nosely  It is no news that on Friday evenings hobbits gather at the Green Dragon. And so we did once again this last Friday, 29 Rethe, and there was quite a crowd this time. But this was no ordinary Green Dragon Friday (well, those are never 'ordinary') as the usual Mistress of Ceremonies, young Lina Willowwood, was absent. In her place, another Miss Lina directed the festivities, and she wasted no time declaring this day Naughty Friday and indeed it was most irregular (though if it had really been naughty you wouldn't be reading about it in the Gazette!) in that a surprisingly large number of Hobbits delighted us by playing that most marvelous of instruments, the bagpipes! Miss Willowwood for some reason dislikes the pipes, thus these are normally banned from Green Dragon Friday. But not on this night! Most of the tunes played had bagpipes in them, and most of the attending hobbits loved it. Even the famous Jumping Tune was played on the pipes and there was much cheering and jumping about. Very early on, an attending Shiriff started taking the names of bagpipe players and curiously enough these were all named Lina or Simbo. And it beats me how what's played at the Dragon is in any way the business of the Watch.

Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the way Green Dragon Friday is normally run, in fact I like it a lot. But this evening the hobbits went wilder than they usually do and we wouldn't stop until everyone was dead tired. I guess it was on account of things being different from the usual, which is always refreshing (and one of the best moments was not naughty at all but still a surprise as one notorious Party Hobbit recited Master Bilbo's lovely 'I sit beside the fire and think'). But it was a grand party! And so they always are and now I guess everyone is already making up more and even better bagpipe music for the next Naughty Friday!