Names of Candidates for Shire Queen Revealed!

Post date: Apr 23, 2016 9:49:47 AM

By Nannie  

And now the part ye've all been waiting fer!   

These are the brave lassies ye have ter pick from:  

Miss Dassa 

Miss Pycella 

Miss Smertellaa 

As always, the voting is done in secret, so no one ... well apart from meself, that is ... will know who's won until the announcement at the Crowning on Sunday the 1st May.

Ter cast yer vote just drop me -Nannie - a mailing via the Quick post - them poor lads havena recovered from last year yet! or send my a whisper if'n ye sees me about.

Tis one hobbit, one vote. As it's the Shire May Queen, voting tis only open ter Hobbits.

A picture of a previous Shire Queen election and crowning