Mystery of the Missing Rug

Post date: Jun 05, 2020 11:19:39 AM

By Pycella Woodberry

Remember the news about Potty’s missing tab, and how Pycella wanted to trade the missing tab for a new rug, so that she wouldn’t have to serve as waitress at the Dragon forever more? Well, the plan didn’t work as well as planned. It seems that the Quickpost managed to the deliver the new rug to Michel Delving, but then, it disappeared from the local post office. The Quickpost hobbits suspect that someone stole it. According to some initial investigations the local bounders managed to do before heading over towards the Bird and Baby, the culprit should be somewhere in Michel Delving.


Now, Miss Pycella doesn’t want to give up like this. That’s why she invites everyone to help her out and solve the Mystery of the Missing Rug. Here are the details:


Date: Sunday 28th June

Time: 7:30PM ((UK time))

Location: In front of the Post Office, Michel Delving, the Shire


Welcome all to help a lass out of trouble!


PS. Although this hunt should be rather safe for all, the minimum belly size of 20 is recommended to enjoy it fully! Miss Pycella is bringing some very large pies to consume.


((OOC: This is a roleplaying event mainly for hobbits and travelling dwarves. We will stay inside Michel Delving for the whole event and solve some riddles. However, the minimum level of 20 is recommended for this event. If you have questions, please turn to Pycella, the organizer.


There have been some similar “treasure hunts” in the past. Here’s a summary of the pierate treasure hunt, if you are interested.))