Mystery masquerade Ball 2014

Post date: Mar 10, 2014 10:58:8 AM

By Amorey Sweetrose 


Shire Rose proudly presents the Annual Shire Mystery Masquerade Ball 


A fantasy themed night of mischief and revelry! 

Hobbits, Lords and Ladies, Dwarves and Elves you are hereby invited by Shire Rose to the Annual Shire Mystery Masquerade Ball.

This evening see's the World Turn'd Upside Down; Where Fools become Princes for one night. Where Goblins, Orcs, Faeries,Nymphs and other Creatures of the Night, beyond the realm of vision , are free to make merry, tempt, jest , carry out acts of foolishness, dance , sing  and wantonness....

Date:             May 10th 2014 (New date!)

Time:             8 pm BST (( 3 pm /servertime - 9 pm central EU summer time))

Location:       Michel Delving, The Shire - Reflecting Pool - [33.4S, 75.8W]

Rules of the Event: -Participants must create a hobbit alt (the masqueraded mystery hobbits) , such alt's identity must remain secret from all friends/kin members. -The alts/masqueraded hobbits must maintain the original gender of your character but can have different features/class/clothing/ and of course RP story. -There will not be a traditional 'Master of Ceremony' , all hobbits must therefore use their initiative, and come forward to perform in an orderly fashion . -Musicians and performers must take care of learning some new (never heard before ) music, songs, poems, and stories. Each performer has 5/8 minutes allocated for music/poem/story. To allow all to take part and the night to be a success, please do not use more then 5/8 minutes. -Due to the very nature of this event, only 'solo' performances will take place during the Ball by the mystery hobbits.

-Due to the very nature of this event,  every hobbit can bring some food and drinks to share with others (This is only a suggestion and not obligatory)

-The 'Guess Who?' Game:  After the musical performances, a signal will be given to all the guests. This will be the beginning of the 'Guess Who?' Game. Each hobbit will come centre stage  while others will try to guess his/her real identity. This hobbit will then walk behind a tree , take his mask off and come back  with their real identity

- Grand Finale: Musical surprises , fireworks and all over merriment.

We expect this event to last as long as a normal 'Green Dragon Friday' this will be achieved with the cooperation and initiative  of all participants.

Please come along, have fun and enjoy the magic of Masquerade Ball!

((OOC: This is a hobbit-prefered event but friends of other  races will be welcome should  they wish to take part.

Here is how the change  between a mystery hobbit and main character can be done:

1- Amorey makes sure she is wearing the same clothes as her mystery hobbit in one of her outfit slots.

2- Amorey then goes to the site of the Ball (Michel Delving reflecting pool)   making sure not to show her costume ( show a different outfit or equipment) and goes offline.

3- Her mystery hobbit  comes online and go to the Ball.

4- When the time to guess has come, the mystery hobbit steps forward, people will guess who she is... She then walks behind a tree, goes offline.

5-Amorey comes  back on wearing the same clothes but no mask any more. Her true identity is now revealed