Most Important News For The Gazette Social Pages

Post date: Mar 18, 2015 12:28:45 PM

By Toadflax Nosely 

Hullo Master Peppy!  

And I am sending this to you directly instead of to the Editors as would probably be more proper since the enclosed painting is incontrovertible evidence of a certain tweenager merrily piping away despite her oft-proclaimed Dislike of Bagpipes and she is, I understand, a Co-Editor despite being Under-Age and it would be a shame to give her the opportunity to intercept this! And this painting was made on Bullroarer Took's Day this year, but of course you knew that already as you were standing right next to the aforementioned Piper.

Now, if only I had already played that Song I wrote last week, I would be considered a Prophet or at least Clairvoyant and then I could set up as a Fortune-Teller and take my payment in Mushroom Pies and Get Even Thicker Real Quick!

Well I shall sing it at this week's Yard Party (if I can get a quintet together) and at least I have a few witnesses that the song was written about a week before this Piping took place.

But certainly this is News worthy of the Gazette and I only hope it gets to you in time that you may scoop-publish it!

Sincerely, Toadflax Nosely 1 Brookbank Street OldfurlongEditor:  Dear Mrs Toadflax,

There have been odd things going on at the Gazette where words were twisted out of the author's original intention, but I can assure you that Miss Lina had nothing to do with this.

Miss Lina's editorial work consists of maintaining the Hobbit Calendar at her Biscuity Burrow, a copy of which is then published in the Gazette.

As a member of the Greenbrambles, I can tell you that her playing of the bagpipes was of her own choice. I remember her heroically uttering the words: "This is for the Bullroarer!"

I am sure readers will be curious about your new song and the Yard Party may expect extra visitors because of your announcement. And perhaps you'll even be so kind as to publish the words in our Art's Corner after the first performance?