More mathoms than yer can fathom!

Post date: Sep 02, 2021 1:27:49 PM

By Lina Willowwood 

Good friends, tea, pie and dusty old objects. That’s all yer need fer a relaxing, lovely Sunday afternoon. Welcome to a new mathom tea in Songburrow!

Date: Sunday September 12

Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime))

Location: Songburrow Hall, 4 Brookbank Street, Songburrow

We are happy to invite our neighbours and good hobbit friends to a relaxing cup tea this Sunday. In addition to a grand selection of food and drink, some even home-grown and produced locally in the village of Songburrow, the tea will have a mathomy theme. We hope that yer will bring some of yer own favourite old objects to the tea, for comments and value appraisal.

Do yer have an old, dusty shield hanging on yer wall? An old book yer are curious about? Have yer sometimes pondered if there weren’t something more to that old dishcloth yer inherited from yer parents? Do yer think yer have THE club the Bullroarer used during the battle of Greenfields? Just bring it to Songburrow Hall, tell us a little about it, and our local historians will study it and try uncover its secrets!


This is a relaxed, non-scripted event with many opportunities to mingle and chat with other hobbits, as well as to learn something about mathoms. Don’t be shy to bring your own items and a short description/story of them, and we’ll see how many we can appraise during the night. Be prepared to show yer mathom and tell us a little about it and how yer found it, and we’ll try our best to say what kind of object it really is. Think of it as a hobbit version of the “Antiques Roadshow”, and you’ll be good!

Given the theme, this is very much a hobbit-preferred event, although good dwarven friends are also welcome.))