'Monster' Catfish caught in Overhill

Post date: Sep 14, 2015 2:18:23 PM

By Penina Pondhopper  

It was an evening to remember. Fifteen fisher-hobbits and one dwarf gathered round the pond in Overhill for what turned out to be a record-breaking fishing match. A total of 39 catfish were caught, but two in particular caught the judge’s eye. First a record-breaking catfish, weighing a whopping twenty pounds four ounces was brought to the weigh-in by catfish aficionado, Miss Tibba Stoutfoot. It looked as though ehe would walk off with this year’s Catfish Trophy. But at the last minute even this unbelievable weight was beaten by none other than her niece, Nimelia Stoutfoot, who presented a monster catfish weighing in at twenty pounds and fifteen ounces!

On receiving the trophy, our new Catfish Champion, Miss Stoutfoot, said:' I think what happened is that my catfish ate all the weeds I normally catch.’

Ponso Pondhopper at the fish count

Altogether, 417 fish were caught, hand-counted by Ponso. Prizes were awarded as follows:

Weedy Prize, with a catch of six clumps of weeds: Miss Gennetta Aleford

Fourth Prize with 29 fish and 68 points, Miss Gennetta Aleford

Third Prize, with 31 fish and 69 points, Mister Everbrock

Second Prize, with 27 fish and 74 points, Mister Hooh

First Prize, with a catch of 32 fish and an astounding 103 points, the Shire Angling Club’s own Mister Ozborne.

Special note: Mister Everbrock caught the biggest haul of catfish, nine in total!

The next Angling Club event will take place in November, venue to be decided.