Midsummer Madness! The Shire Angling Club plans its most daring fishing trip ever!

Post date: Jun 27, 2014 6:25:9 PM

by Miss Penina Pondhopper


Miss Penina Ponhopper says: 'Are you Hobbit enough to face the Old Forest?'


On the 26th of July, around seven and a half bells, a group of intrepid anglers will set forth on the most audacious fishing trip... Fishing the Withywindle!

As events organiser for the Shire Angling Club, I've fished just about every river stream and pond from Needlehole to Buckland, all except one: The Withywindle. Now there are lots of tales about the Old Forest, it's true, but there are no stories about the fish that have been landed from the Withywindle. So, the Shire Angling Club is about to put that right. At the same time we are planning an exploration of the Old Forest and for those more interested in matters botanical, we are setting out to track the rarest flowers of the forest.

I was browsing the Great Smials' library for catfish recipes when I chanced across an old tome, titled: 'Rare Blooms of the Old Forest.' It seems there are eight species of rare blooms to be found in these woods, for those that dare to seek them. And there were also strange tales of walking trees, shifting footpaths and fearsome beasts. Now which of these stories is true, and which is a load of Budgeford Hog-wash? If you're brave enough (or foolish enough) join me on Saturday 26th July at Buckland Faire at seven and a half bells (7:30 UK time). Bring stout clothes to guard against the brambles and your sturdiest fishing gear. Together, we will learn the truth about the Old Forest! (and have a lot of fun in the process).