March 17, that means Bullroarer Took Day!

Post date: Mar 11, 2020 1:27:10 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush

Aye, it is time to get out the green garments again, for on Tuesday March 17 we will have a celebration of the grand deeds of the biggest (and tallest) Hobbit hero ever to walk the Shire.

Tradition dictates that we wear green clothes that day, that we try to walk on top of fences, that we listen to appropriate ((Celtic)) music and that we raise our glass to Bullroarer Took!

And what better place to do that, than in Brockenborings at the foot of the statue of Bullroarer himself.

The deeds of Bullroarer Took are the subject of many a poem and song and we hope to hear quite a few of them! Poets and musicians are all invited to climb the fence that serves as a stage that night and praise the Hobbit Hero in song and story (or poem). To make this all go smoothly, please announce your intentions to perform in a letter to and I'll reserve a spot for you in the program of the evening.

One band has already agreed to play. They are the "Greenbrambles", who have delighted the audience with their music for many years now. In fact they exist only one day each year and then return to anonymity in "the Band from Bramblebury that has not come up with a name yet".

Some Greenbrambles in a playful mood, partying on a mailbox

So to recapitulate:

What:         annual Bullroarer Took celebration

Where:       Near the statue of Bullroarer Took in Brockenborings

When:        March 17, 19:30 ((UK, 3:30 servertime))

Dresscode: Any shade of green.

NB. Be aware of salesmen who try to sell you the "authentic Bullroarer Took club" or the "actual skull of Golfimbul". These are beyond any doubt fakes!! Any included "Proof of authenticity by the Mathom House" are not worth the paper they are printed on! Please report any of these imposters to the Bounders.