Lazy hobbits visit Budgeford

by Pycella Woodberry

Time to bring the art of laziness to Budgeford!

The Lazy Hobbits Club was very successful at the Cotton’s farm a few weeks ago (they prepared the Cottons for the GDF festivities by sending the farmer family away to Stock). After driving off some monstrous pest animals and sacrificing a few biscuits, their lazy energy was fully exhausted and they longed for some sausages instead. When all available sausages at the farm had been consumed, their thoughts turned to Budgeford, the place for more sausages. Maybe that could be a good place for their next meet-up? And so it was settled. There must be some lazy chores at the pigsties. And many, many sausages. If you are a lazy hobbit and would like to help out at the Budgeford farms, do come to next Lazy Hobbits Club meet-up: 

Date: Sunday 4th June

Time: 6:30PM ((UK, 1:30PM server time))

Location: Budgeford (south by the river)

Feel free to use your own preferred lazy method to get there (by rowing, floating, rolling etc.). We will meet somewhere by banks where the road to the south crosses the river. 

As usual, we start a bit early so that the laziest hobbits can have their naps in good time. If you need assistance, please contact miss Pycella. 

((OOC: This is a recurring hobbit roleplaying event with a loose theme/plan. Cosmetic pig pets might be quite fitting at this particular event.))