Kite Tea and Pony Contest Wrap-up

Post date: Nov 15, 2022 3:21:16 PM

By Aerinbard Fallohide

Thank you to one and all who came and made the first annual Kite Tea and Pony Contest a wonderful success! The winners of the various contests are as follows:

For Best Pony Name:

Miss Nimelia and pony Thumper

For Best Poem About a Pony as Told By Your Pony:

Miss Lina Willowwood and pony Biscuit

For Best Silly Moment on a Pony Story in 10 Lines or Less:

Miss Tibba Stoutfoot

For Best Kite: Miss Nimelia with her Blue Dragon kite

Runner's Up for Best Kite:

A tie between Miss Lina Willowwood and Miss Tibba Stoutfoot for their Brandy Badgers Kites

Hidden Categories:

For Most Likely to Get Lost on Horseback:

Miss Adamantja

For Most Agile on Horseback:

Master Freddie Fastbuck

For Best Outfit Coordiating With Pony:

Miss Adamantja and pony Hollyberry

Race Winners:

1st Miss Lina Willowwood– winning a barrel of horse shoes, as she must have lost a few!

2nd Master Freddie Fastbuck -winning a bed, as we are sure he needs a nap now!

3rd Master Pete “Onionfarmer” Proudfoot – winning a fine Rohan tapestry

Bonfire feasting was had before AND after the race and contests, as well as some welcome music and fizzer launching provided by all attendees.

A special thank you to mystery judges Master Fidgit Little Wonder and Detective Tubblo Bilberry. I could not have managed without you lads!

Thank you again everyone! See you next year!

Aerinbard Fallohide