It's Rainin Mushroom Stew at the April OAKS

By Acorne Oakley


A most sincere thank ya ta sweet Ken & all of Mardi Gras Party band fer makin so many of the audience happy by playin so many special requested songs. 

This concert started wit dear Tunvil's request fer jazz ...followed by more jazz fer Lady Cher ...and many, many more requests throughout the evenin.

Ya brung so much happiness by playin all these folks' music.  May I thank ya on behalf of so many folks whose requests ya played that OAKS  ...thanks so very, very much ~hugs~

Personally, I was completely thrilled ta hear many of the songs that evenin but when ya played "Sumwhere Over the Rainbow" ...yer music went thru my ears and straight inta my heart.

That song I have luved since I was a wee lass & ya did a truly magnificent job of bringin it ta the OAKS ....thank ya bunches, my kind friend.

Luvly memories fer so many folks ....listen again wit me thanks ta my dear Sweet Neighbour ..

I have herd that April brings rain showers when it comes ....did ya ever think what iffin it rained down stew instead of just water?   Well will this April ...kind of ~giggles~

This April in the Shire neighborhood of Oldfurlong ...we're gonna have a shower of  ...



A Heapin Helpin of Mushroom Stew's MUSIC fer all of us ta enjoy!  Woohoo!!

Just like the stew them takes their name from has many ingredients ....there's gonna be many

different kinds of tunes fer folks ta enjoy!!

Grab all the cooks & bring them along!!   😄

where:  the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

                 ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday April 6 at seven and a half bells in the evenin

                  (( 19:30 UK time / 20:30 CET / 2:30pm server time ))

warm hugs ta all,