The Fed Poets' May 11 2023 gathering Review

By The Oak and Willow Chronicler

The stars already graced the skies as the Fed Poets' Society gathered before the Great Smials in Tuckborough for a quick tour of that venerable burrow's Library before journeying to Little Delving for the meeting proper.

Within the Library followed a short chat on the origins of the term “Smial” (which some pronounce “Smile”) and of what use a library might be to a poet. Happily, no ghosts were spotted.

Shortly thereafter, the group set out on horseback along the back road from Tuckborough. Master Wybert initiated a spontaneous travelling limerick, in keeping with this month's theme, to which everyone was invited to contribute.

The merry band then continued on through Michel Delving where they were joined by Master Fidgit.

Their travels were interrupted, however, by the delightful treat of a sad yet sweet song by Onionfarmer Pete and Master Janco as they passed the lovely valley west of Sanderson's Farm. Though more than one set of eyes were dampened, the company rode on to the music of crickets and the distant stream.

Crossing a small bridge to a now sunbathed grassy hill, the poets settled in for a good meal of Beorn cakes thick with honey, savoury mushroom pies, travelers scones, and blackberry tarts, though, alas for Master Fidgit, no sausages. Beverages included tea, strawberry stout, and a clear and invigorating pear wine.

Poets Wybert Diggins, Acorne Oakley, Onionfarmer Pete, Miss Ingenue, Janco Bloatfoot, Master Fidgit and Master Aerinbard Fallohide then shared their limericks to the delighted laughter of all. Master Pete then engaged the poets in a secret project which the group hopes to reveal within the next two weeks.

If that were not exiting enough, a travelling Wizard spontaneously joined the entourage and seemed to take great delight in the humorous poetry on offer.

Poet Wybert Diggins closed the meeting with an extremely moving long verse poem entitled: “Alma Dances.”