the Crowning of the May Queen (and King)

By Wybert

Dear Editors,

 I write to you as a hobbit of more mature years with regard to the ceremony I attended last night to crown the new May Queen and her servant (or should I say King?)

 I should first of all like to express my thanks to Nannie who organised the event - she clearly put in a great deal of hard work and I know that every hobbit would join me in expressing our appreciation for her efforts.

I should also like to say how much I enjoyed the jaunty tunes played by the magnificent Bullroarers which were entirely in keeping with the occasion - I was even moved to 'shake a leg' myself although I would add that that leg is suffering for it this morning!

It was most gratifying to see so many candidates for each of the roles - they conducted themselves admirably and I should add that all the lasses looked lovely in their summer attire.  Miss Louisalotta and Master Arigo were worthy winners and it would be remiss of me not to mention the outgoing Miss Demesna who placed the crown on Queen Lottie's head with great dignity.

 Now having said this, I would like to raise a matter of concern.  In my day the summer festival was a time when young hobbits were not slow to come forward in expressing their feelings in matters of the heart - why in my day a young lad or lass would take the one they were sweet on by the 'and and they'd be off round that maypole in double quick time, bold as yer like!  Yet last night I saw young lads (an' some lasses too) hiding away and lookin' awkward and a blushin' and gettin' all melancholic and such.  So sad!

So I asks:  What is the matter with young folks today?  Well I were so concerned I wrote a poem 'bout it - it is to celebrate the May ceremony but I put in a bit of advice for them young'uns an' all based on me own experience.

 Concerned old curmudgeon,


Thoughts On the Crowning of the May Queen and May King in the Shire

Now come all ye hobbits, young lasses and lads,

Rise from your beds afore dawn,

Fond thoughts fill your hearts, for summer is come

Join hands as we greet this May morn.

Let all those who toil take rest for one day,

Let warriors lay down their swords;

In glad celebration let us be joined

To seek sweet love’s rewards.

The sun shines down from clear blue skies

Warming every heart,

Maids wear garlands in their hair

Youths stand by, full smart.

Red and white roses are come into bud,

From hedgerows shy violet peeps

Primrose and cowslip abound in full bloom

Though yet sweet lily sleeps.

I’ll tell ye a tale about when I were young

When I walked out one merry May day

Birds sang in trees new-clothed in green,

In meadows lambs did play.

There I set my eyes upon a maid

As fair as maid could be,

I gazed upon her lovely form

And bade her hear my plea:

“Oh pretty maid, come walk with me

As far as yonder brake.”

“Nay I will go my own way, sir,

And you your own must take.”

Think not I was defeated then,

Or walked away downhearted;

I swore to her my love was true

And we should ne’er be parted.

With honeyed words I wooed her then,

I slipped my hand in hers

And in a bower beneath the trees

She whispered “I’ll be yours”.

We sealed our union with a kiss

And soon she was my bride;

Learn from my tale, in trials of love

Be sure you’ve really tried!

Remember as we meet today

Our Queen and King to crown

Those who to us from time long past

This ritual handed down.

So gaily let the music sound

Eat, drink, and dance and sing;

Peace in the Shire for one more year

Long live our Queen and King!