'Pawloose'  a Review

By Shire Eye

On a fine spring evening just north of Sandson’s Farm this reviewer was privileged to join a packed audience of hobbits and dwarves to witness the Brandy Badgers’ latest musical comedy - ‘Pawloose’. 

The story follows the lovelorn Fredo in his quest to master the art of dancing so as to be worthy of asking his sweetheart, Ruby, to partner him at the May Ball.  In this he is aided by his mentor, Sandy, and a band of musical badgers whose unconventional training regime provided many laughs from the appreciative crowd.  This reviewer will give no spoilers here, but the ironic twist at the conclusion of the tale was a clever touch which maintained the interest of the audience right to the end.

Master Freddi Fastbuck stood out in the role of Fredo with his melodramatic portrayal of tween insecurity, not to mention a breathtaking display of athleticism as the badgers put him through a series of P.E. exercises.  His role was complemented perfectly by the gentle coaxing and encouragement of his friend Sandy, played by Miss Pycella Woodberry whose dramatic timing and assured use of posture were of the highest order.  We must also make mention here of the show’s inimitable impresario, Miss Lina Willowood, who provided cameo performances as a pugilistic badger and as Ruby, a role which may have shown her in an unexpected light for some, but which she carried off to perfection.

At the heart of the show was the music, provided by the excellent Brandy Badgers Band who served up a smorgasbord of catchy melodies and songs which had the crowd toe-tapping and on their feet.  The black and white tunics worn by the band at appropriate moments were truly eye-catching and had this reviewer almost believing that these badgers were real.

All in all, this was a splendid show in a perfect setting and was greeted with rapturous applause by all who attended.  I am assured that no badgers (or shrews) were harmed in the making of this production.