Forest of Oaks – 13th May 2023

By Shire Eye

Acorne Oakley brought this season of her Always Outrageously Awesome OAKS

events to a fitting climax on Saturday. Oldfurlong rocked as almost all the bands

who had appeared earlier in the season returned for a party which no one wanted to


From the bewitching elven tones of the opening set by Fleurs de Lumiere to the

funky rhythms of Mardi Gras Party, who closed the show, the audience were treated

to a cornucopia of musical delights with sets by Great Willows Blues Band, Die

Bunten Vogel & Vilnir, Lindamar, Der fertigen Schlusen and No Hold Bard.

Miss Acorne always likes to come up with a surprise for this closing show and this

year that took the form of a timely ‘Tribute to Moms Everywhere’, a miscellany of

poetry and song celebrating motherhood delivered by some of her friends.

Master Aerinbard was able to turn the tables by surprising Miss Acorne with a tribute

to her, in recognising all the hard work she does to provide entertainment such as

this and to keep the folk in our community happy - and these sentiments were

heartily echoed by all present.

As the happy crowd danced the night away, swept up in a dizzy rush of fireworks,

hugs, kisses and banter, this reporter can’t wait for September when the next round

of OAKS begins!