Fed Poets' Spring Out Trip

by the Oak and Willow Chronicler

The rose coloured sky slowly relinquished night's stars as the day for the Fed Poets' Society Spring Out Trip dawned bright and sunny.

After a quick breakfast by some, a little music was shared as folk gathered by the Stock Stable Master. With ponies laden with good eats, the poets set off on their quest for inspiration into the back country south of Stock. All the ponies looked splendid in their travelling gear, but Master Fidgit led the trend on his fine hobby horse, to the amusement of all.

Starting at a nice slow place, the group ventured over the sunlit grasses dotted with Spring's new blossoms, past Yale Hill and its ancient columns, and down among the shady woods where the wild mushrooms grow. From there it was up into the high country resplendent with hill toads and wild tuskers and unsurpassed views. 

The poets stopped first at fine landing beside a spectacular, thunderous waterfall. Though some nefarious folk were spotted across the water, and one even ventured onto the road, they started no trouble, and  left with Miss Acorne's sharp words ringing in their ears.

Joined by Manosi, Dwarf of the Blue Mountains, the group climbed to a fine picnic spot. After a look around at the exquisite views of nearly all the Shire, they settled in to enjoy a delicious lunch. The menu consisted of Fried Mushrooms, Gammer's fine Mushroom pie, brought by Miss Acorne, Roast Beef, Blackberry Tarts, Neeps An'tatties, Nine Star Pies, Nut and Berry Bread, and a choice of Strawberry Stout, Honeybrew Beer, and Red Tea to drink. 

Master Wybert started things off with a helpful sketch of literary forms as related to sonnets, and then presented two poems on this month's theme of April showers or water, using the metaphor literary tool.  Other presenters included Master Manosi, Master Aerinbard, and Miss Acorne while Miss Ingenue made up a supportive and appreciative audience. Master Fidgit presented his Fuzzy Wuzzy poem once again to the delighted giggles of all. 

With the sun settling behind the hills and the stars beginning to canopy the sky, the friends returned home, with inspiration buckets full and hopefully ready for their next poetical endeavours.