Hobbity Hamlets ~ A puzzle for the Gazette

Post date: Jun 20, 2015 10:43:23 AM

By Mrs Armerianna Spudplucker  

"Would the readers of the Gazette like a puzzle?", was a question asked by one of it's readers, Mrs Armerianna of No. 1 Myrtle Burrows, Elderglen in the Southfarthing. The best way to find out is to give them one!

So here it is: Hobbity Hamlets! A modest prize is offered for the first reader to correctly solve the puzzle. Please send your answers by Quickpost to armeria -at- post.com. Please let her and the editors know if you like this. We plan to have more puzzles in the future, if you do.

Enough for the introductions, let's now rack our brains and solve the puzzle below!

Hobbity Hamlets ~ Clues:



2. The place to keep common supplies (5)

5. Feel free to tease in this burrow (10)

10. Immerse oneself in the novel (7)

11. No bee so bold flew the length of the gaffer's furrow (10)

14. Hide your particulars in the prickly shrubs here (11)

15. A proper place to consider one's course (7)

16. Here we find Hal cooking liver (8)

17. I hurt my neck avoiding crows in this empty place (11)

18. This is a snug community (11)

19. No clue? Turn it around my dear halfling (8)



1. There are new neighbours in this old valley (9)

3. Beyond Bag End they sing songs of travelling far away (8)

4. Take a stroll to these musical holes (10)

6. Smaller friend of our capital (6,7)

7. Not a place for the anxious (5)

8. He would haul his logs to the lobby, I heard (8)

9. A Great Hole at the end of a Long Road (4,6)

12. The groom in front garbled his words (10)

13. Mount your pony, but not from the right (7)

((We suggest you click on the puzzle grid and print it for your convenience))