Hobbit Musical - The Songs of the Water

Post date: Mar 21, 2015 11:8:20 AM

By Amorey Sweetrose  

"...It is said that in water there lives yet the magic of the Music and its tales - The most wonderful songs in the world are sung by water in rivers and waterfalls. "

To Celebrate Shire Rose's 4nd Anniversary , Hobbit Heart Proudly Present

The Songs Of The Water

A Magical Music Performance Based On An Ancient Hobbit Fairy-Tale

The story, based on ancient hobbit fairy-tales concerns two hobbit children, Benno and Waterlilly, who live in a house by the waterfall in Little Delving with their father, Baldo, who remains distraught over the loss of his wife in a boating accident several years earlier. Though Benno is aware of the responsibility that comes with being a big brother, he is easily frustrated with Waterlilly, who, at four years old, has yet to speak a single word. When Waterlilly discovers a small flute made out from a shell that used to belong to their mother, the spellbinding music she creates becomes both a means of communication and the key to a magical secret locked deep in their mother's past.

Date: May 23th, 2015

Time: 8 pm BST ( 3 pm /servertime - 9 pm central EU summer time)

Location: Little Delving, at the lake below the waterfall ("Jewel Lake") -The Shire

Event details:

THE SONGS OF THE WATER, a Hobbit Heart musical homage to Shire Rose and Spring will take place in the lovely village of LITTLE DELVING, the Shire. SONGS AND POEMS OF THE WATER will be a May Hobbit Heart Performance of twirling and enchantment, produced by Shire Rose. Music , poems and stories, are carefully collected from collections of songs and poetry of the Greenfields ((Irish/Celtic/Classic)).

Come and celebrate the beauty of the Shire with us

Oh dance with delight

on Shire Rose's night.

All senses freeing,

Let's dance for being.

The Water's sweet Songs

We'll sing all night long

Dress Code : We kindly ask all those in attendance to wear the colors of water - blue, white, turquoise

((OOC details:

This is a peaceful musical event open to ALL races - ))

We hope to see you there!