Hobbit Historical Field Trip – Girdley Island

Post date: Jul 18, 2021 10:24:22 AM

By Lina Willowwood

Slow island

The Brandywine River. Eastern border of the Shire. Ruins near the riverbank tells stories from times past, even before hobbits came to our homelands. Join us for a night of history, tales and roast sausages over the campfire!

Date: Sunday July 25th

Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30 PM servertime))

Location: Meet by the Brandywine Bridge (Shire side). We’ll walk to Girdley Island and start the tales and lectures about half an hour later.

Where does the Brandywine river come from, and where does it end its long journey? Did the river really freeze once, so white wolves could attack the Shire? Whatever possesses the Bucklanders to go swimming or mucking about in boats? Answers to these questions, and more, may be given during this historical field trip in hobbit lands. There are no guarantees, though!

We will meet by the Brandywine Bridge (Shire side), before heading up-river. Our target is Girdley Island a little to the north, famed recreation spot for Bucklanders, with promises of good fishing and little in the way of furry wildlife with sharp teeth. Once there, our local historians will present stories, tales, poetry and/or songs related to hobbit lore. Food WILL be served.

Want to know more about hobbit history? Then come along! Bring your fishing rod too! Oh, and sturdy clothes that yer not afraid of getting a bit wet…


The historical field trips have been running irregularly since 2009. They combine a few lectures/stories of hobbit lore with a trip to locations of hobbit interest. If yer want to know more about hobbit and Shire history, this is yer chance. Remember that our historians often go for a tall, exciting tale more than strict lore accuracy, though!

Given the subject matter, this is very much a hobbit-preferred event. The odd loreseeking dwarf, man or elf interested in hobbit lore is welcome along, but wouldn’t you rather just roll a hobbit alt for the evening?))