Hobbit Heart Yule performance 2014 - reminder

Post date: Dec 18, 2014 1:23:2 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

First announced back in August, the date of Hobbit Heart's Yule musical performance "the Holly and the Oak" is very close now. Time to refresh your memories and wet your appetites! 

In a wintery atmosphere, at the Edhelion watch - near Thorin's Gate, the story will be told of the First Yule. The music will certainly put you in good spirits and Yule-tide mood! 

Imagine two kings: Winterking Holly, with an icy, stubborn personality and Summerking Oak, who is hotheaded and fiery. They both strive to rule all year. That would mean either it being winter the entire year or summer for ever! That would no be good and besides, they don't want to give in to the other and a war between the kings is inevitable.

How will this be solved? The people of Middle-Earth suffer from the kings fighting, so something must be done. This is also the opinion of a hobbit lass called Lilybeth, who seeks help and gets it from unexpected sources.

The Hobbit Heart musicians will be:

Amorey Sweetrose

Tahitoa Tuk

Simbo Rumblebelly

Acorne Oakley

Almonda Claybottle

Peppy Bristlebrush

You are all invited to come and listen to the story and the music. Here are the details:

Where: Edhelion watch, near Thorin'Gate ((15.3S, 101.5W))

When: Sunday 21 December, 8pm ((UK time, 3pm Server time))