History of the Socks - A Musical

Post date: Sep 30, 2020 12:51:4 PM

By Timblewoot Taigeis

Every year, a crazy group of Hobbits called The Socks have a party.

This year it will be a historical party. And a musical party. Both at the same time. Or maybe neither. Make up your mind, Woot! 

History of the Socks.. Prepare yourself for a tangled web of intrigues

For it will be a musical about the history of the Socks.  

And a darn good musical it will be too. Although there will be no darning of socks.

There will be presents for those who are present.

There will be silliness and fun. And funniness and sillies.

The Socks hope to see you there. Or here. Because they are here already, and you are there.

Everybody has to be somewhere after all. First prize for stating the obvious goes to: Woot!

Location: The Socks Kinhall (4 Myrtle Court, Shortshot, Shire Homesteads)

Date: Sunday 25th October

Time: 7.30pm for 8pm start ((UK Time - Be wary of clock-fiddling))

Dress Code: Wear a fancy hat. Or any hat you fancy.

But only if you fancy having your butt kicked. Or your ears boxed. Or both!

Ed.: It's that time of year again: the Socks are planning a party and "traditionally" the Gazette's offices get broken into and the article about the party gets altered *sighs*