Have you seen Amorey or Simbo lately?

Post date: Oct 16, 2014 7:58:46 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

Maybe it's too early to worry, but not too early to wonder: Where are Amorey and Simbo? 

I could not make it to market in time this week, but I needed some burgundy dyes. So I went to Songburrow, lead my pony to the other ponies grazing on the large flowerbed and walked towards the front door of Simbo's burrow. Just before I knocked, I noticed a note pinned to the door: "Gone mushrooming. Need pie urgently". Apparently he was not at home.

"Mushrooming"? Who else told me that, using the same expression? It was Amorey! I last met her near Woodhall where she'd met a group of...  O wait, I told those people I would not write about them in the Gazette. I'd better not then. Suffice it to say I last met Amorey near Woodhall. We had a lovely time with.. those people who I shall not mention anymore. When we said goodbye, she distinctly told me she was going "mushrooming" and left in the direction of Maggot's farm.

So there I was in Songburrow still needing that burgundy dye. Maybe Amorey would know where Simbo would go "mushrooming"? I went to all her favorite spots: Shire Rose's hall in Brightdown, her burrow and finally to Brockenborings to the Plough and Stars where she is a permanent guest in one of the Inn's rooms. Halson Tubwort told me she was not in. "Not in the inn". Alright, Master Halson, I understand! And started to worry just a little bit.

"Quick, where would one go mushrooming??" When asking that to any Shire hobbit, they'd say without hesitation: Farmer Maggot's Farm! And that's where I last saw Amorey going although others have seen her later than that. But I went to look there anyway. Jiggling a coinpurse I approached the Farmer and his son (You wonder about the jiggling? That way Farmer Maggot knows you are a paying customer and not a common mushroom thief and he won't immediately set his dogs on you. Remember that when next you go there.)

When asked about the two hobbits he nodded and I was delighted. "They left again", he said, curbing my enthusiasm a bit. "But they asked if they could erect a sign, or rather a notice board, here." He waved his hand in a certain direction and yes, I noticed it! (Is that why it's called a notice board??) I ran towards it and started to read.

((Read it yourself by clicking here))

I was a lot wiser after reading it and decided I'd return often to see if, with the aid of Master Maggot, more messages would be added. If you, dear reader, wonder or worry about the whereabouts and well being of Amorey and Simbo, you'd better go and read that notice board at Farmer Maggot's Farm. And remember to jiggle!