Haunted Burrow Walk

Post date: Oct 13, 2021 2:6:57 PM

By Nannie 

There's a burrow upon the hilltop

 We will not go inside

 For that is where the witch does live,

 Where ghosts and goblins hide.

The leaves have started to turn gold, an the nights are drawing closer.

Soon the darkness will grow in strength, bringing with it those things we love to shiver too...

Ghosts.... spiders ...

and Haunted Burrow Walks!

As always ah will be yer guide on this most frightening nights o' the year! so start planning yer costumes ter be ready

We'll meet at the Ivy bush at 7:30pm ((BST/2:30pm servertime)) On Saturday the 30th of October

Where we will journey into the depths of yom Haunted Burrow, stopping to listen ter tales and poems, along the way, ter bring a chill ter the spine.

We'll end the night as always in Bag end, with more tales an maybe a tune or two

so mark the calendar with the 30th o' this month ter come along.

Bring food and ale, incase we get lost...

But most importantly....

Bring yerself... or not... ye'll be in costume!