Half-yearly Clock Fiddling

Post date: Oct 25, 2013 9:43:16 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush   It is almost time to end the daylight saving time. In Fall we fall back one hour again. This would not be that complicated, but there is a snag: not all nations do it at the same moment!

On this ((the European)) side of the Big Pond, we set our clocks back during the night of October 26th to 27th.

On the other side ((Boston area)) it happens one week later, during the night of November 2nd to 3rd.

This means that from October 27 to November 2, the time reckoning we call Servertime will differ 4 hours from our ((UK)) time. From November 3 on it will be a 5 hour difference again until Spring when the start of the next period of daylight saving time will commence. We'll report on that too, to inform you in time.

Starting times of all events in the upcoming week will be affected by this. For example:

Third Annual Haunted Burrow Walk on October 30 starts 3:30 servertime

Green Dragon Friday on November 1st starts 4pm servertime

For more information, see our Calendar page ((scroll down to below the actual calendar)).