Green dyes sold out? That can only mean one thing: Bullroarer Took Day!!

Post date: Mar 14, 2022 4:7:50 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

The preparations are well underway, Bullroarer's Statue has been given a buffing and shining by the inhabitants of Brockenborings and the brewer's kettles are singing with Bullroarer's Brew inside them.

My call out to bands and poets has been fruitful and we have a fine lineup for your entertainment.

The bands that will play for you are the Greenbrambles (ofcourse), the Moonberries, the Great Willows Blues Band, the Bullroarers, the Flame Bearers and the Fabulous Friends Fellowship.

Poetry will be recited by the respective authors, who are Pycella, Lina, Wybert, Aerinbard and Holligard.

For many years now, the Greenbrambles have played at the

celebrations of Bullroarer Took Day with their merry music

Remember to wear some fine green clothes when visiting the event or you will stick out like an oak tree in a dandelion field!

The music will be cheerful and fit for dancing so put on your dancing shoes! This call is not directed at Hobbits ofcourse, a few Bucklanders aside. No, it is meant for all of you who decide to travel to the Shire just because you are interested in what is going on on this "Bullroarer Took" event. You are very welcome! Just be careful not to block the view of your hosts: the Hobbits. And you may learn a lot about Hobbit History too.

For starters, we remember the Battle of the Greenfields, a fierce battle between the Hobbits of the Shire and the Goblins of Mount Gram. Spoiler alert: it was won by the Hobbits when their leader Bandobras Took, called the Bullroarer, beheaded the Goblin King Golfimbul. We remember also all those who have fallen in battle.

So everyone, come to Brockenborings in the Shire and celebrate with us the deeds of Bullroarer Took and his comrades in arms! We start at 19:15 ((UK, 3:15 servertime))

((OOC   Please bear in mind that this is a roleplaying event! Please refrain from any out of character and out of lore speech.

  Bullroarer Took Day is our in game version of St.Patricks Day, hence the wearing of the green ))