Green Dragon Rug miraculously cleaned!

Post date: Jan 11, 2020 5:5:23 PM

By Rubellita Brandybuck 

Some of you regular visitors have noticed it already: Someone has cleaned the rug at the Green Dragon, the one that was notorious for it's stickiness and grime. Many drinks are spilled there during toasts, all kind of pets are brought in and Master Fidgit has been known to.... least said, soonest mended about that!

Who has done this great deed of cleaning? Rumour has it, that while we were celebrating the New Year at the Plough and Stars, a mysterious character called Grandpapa cleaned the rug with his own hands and likely with a lot of magic too!

Who is Grandpapa? Is he Gandalf? Is he the husband of Granmama? We know for sure that he isn't that, as Granmama stated, in an interview with the Gazette, that her husband has passed away many years ago. But he is the one who sent all hobbits who have been good, a Yule present in the mail. And I'd like to thank him for that on behalf of all who received such a present:

Thank you, Grandpapa! I'll be a good lass again next year and take all my baths, including the Spring- and Yule- ones!

Unfortunately we don't have a picture of this great benefactor, so you'll have to make do with a picture of the freshly cleaned rug! But same as the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, so is the proof of the rug in the dancing on it! You are all invited to come to the Green Dragon on a Friday evening, seven-and-a-half Bells, and dance with us on the rug. It has a lovely bouncy feel now that it has been cleaned by Grandpapa!

A Deputy Shirriff on Inn-spection was pleasantly surprised