Green Dragon Friday is Nine Years!

Post date: Apr 29, 2017 11:27:56 AM

By Lina Willowwood  

Nine years ago! That's when the local hobbits started meeting at the Green Dragon every Friday night, for musings, music, mead and merriment. Come celebrate the anniversary with us, hobbits! Here are the party plans!    


There are two parties, both held at the Green Dragon in Bywater, at the usual time of 7:30PM ((UK/BST, 2:30PM servertime)). Here are some of the things planned (subject to change):   

The warmup party on Friday May 12

The main party on Friday May 19


Green Dragon Friday is home to many hobbit performers. As usual, we ask our performers to:

Arts and Entertainment Competition (sign-up before May 10, entries before May 16)

We'll have us a little competition this year too! A competition across arts categories!

We'll pick some winners across categories, but not necessarily one from each.

Here is how you can enter:

Green Outfit Competition (no sign-up, just wear a green outfit during the warmup party on May 12th)

During the warmup party on May 12th, there will be a "stealth" outfit competition running through the night. A jury will choose which outfits they feel celebrate the spirit of Green Dragon Friday the best. Prizes will be awarded near the end of the night.

The only rule? Your outfit has to have a green theme! That's it! It won't have to be fully green (I hear good things about yellow...), but the main colour must indeed be green. Apart from this, feel free to try express GDF through your chosen clothes or cosmetic items (including hand-held items). There will be no sign-up for the competition, just come dressed in your best greens.

Patron Poem Presentation (sign up before: May 10, performance on May 19)

We'd like to get to know our patrons better! And what better way to do that than to have yer write a short poem or song? And the theme of the poem/song has to be ... yourself.

Basically, the poem should tell us: What makes you stand out from the others? Do you have special habits, background, preferences, idiosyncrasies, favourite colour or food, etc? Which characteristics define you as a hobbit? Write us a poem about it! Or perform it as a song with lyrics!

(For instance, I might be inclined to write "an elegy for a burning bagpipe"...)

All entries in this presentation will also be entered into the Arts and Entertainment Competition, see above. So send me a letter before May 10 if you'd like to take part, and send me the actual poem before May 16 to get into the competition.

((Who can participate?

Please note that Green Dragon Friday is a hobbit roleplaying event, with traveling dwarves welcome. We kindly ask that men and elves stay away from the event. Not because we are mean and hate you (or the players behind the avatars), but because we'd like to keep the event hobbit oriented and somewhat close to the inn experiences you get from the books.

So, create a hobbit character, stay in-character in /chat, and we'll have a grand good time together!))