Green Dragon Friday Anniversary - Words of Thanks

Post date: May 26, 2014 1:33:3 PM

By Lina Willowwood 

Green Dragon Friday is six years old! We have celebrated and partied and been merry the last week. Here are some moving memories from the parties!  

Starting back in May 2008, Green Dragon Friday is still going strong on the Laurelin server. Hobbits and the odd travelling dwarf meet every Friday fer songs and dancing, drinking, stories, poetry, riddles and lots of gossip.  Now that the 6th anniversary is over, I’d like to thank everyone who have helped out, who have attended, who have worked to make them anniversary parties grand fun. It is all of yer who make them efforts worth it.

Next Friday we’ll be back to normal, but hopefully the images provide some merriment and grand memories from the anniversary. For some more drawings, have a look at the Grand Order noticeboard.

Here’s to another year, hobbits!

Grand Anniversary Pie Competition

Nine pie bakers entered the competition, but only one could win! The jury (Simbo and Jadite) had a hard time choosing the winner. Well, besides ruling out that one crabain pie…

Miss Rilla won the pie competition, with her hearty Bounder’s Breakfast Pie: Prime Budgeford bacon and sausages, eggs from Sandson’s farm, cooked in a creamy sauce with fresh-picked mushrooms from Maggot’s farm. Many of the present hobbits jostled for a place near that pie when it was presented…

Miss Acorne clinched the second spot, while missus Toadflax and master Vedoc tied in third place. Honorable mentions to miss Rosetulip for cramming all those ingredients into her pie.

Grand Anniversary Meal

Here is the Grand Anniversary Menu:

Biscuits and Brandywine play GDF-related songs!