Green Dragon Friday 14th Anniversary Party

Post date: May 09, 2022 6:16:23 PM

By Lina Willowwood 

Roll on fifteen! 

Green Dragon Friday is 14 years old, and we shall, must and will celebrate! Welcome hobbits! Bring all yer hobbit friends!

Date: Friday May 20

Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime))

Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, The Shire.

Plans for the main party are always changing, but here are some things to look forward to:


Please note that Green Dragon Friday is an in-character roleplaying event for hobbits. Travelling dwarves are welcome as always.

Also note that the anniversary parties are usually quite busy. If you’d like to entertain on the night, please sign up in advance!

The pie-baking competition!

The aim of the competition is to find out who bakes the best pie (or worst?), as well as have some fun on the way.

Obviously, there is no way to have a jury eat your pie and and check its quality in-game. That’s why we will ask the participants to describe their baked goods, according to the instructions below. The jury will then choose which pie they think sound the best. It will be subjective, but then again, most matters of taste are.

How to enter

There will be a limited number of entrants in the pie-baking competition. To enter the pie-baking competition, please do the following:


During the party, be prepared to do the following when called up by the jury:

Keep in mind:


After all pies are presented, the jury will deliberate a bit and vote on the winner. The audience is free to sample the extra pies brought in the meantime.

All participants will get a reward. The top baker will win a special prize, and  likely also get honourable mentions in the Bramblebury Gazette. There may also be special prizes given for particularly fun or clever entries.

The judges are currently kept as a secret, to avoid the danger of bribes!