Great Masquerade Ball in the Shire

Post date: Aug 29, 2020 3:34:43 PM

By Amorey Sweetrose 

Shire Rose and Hobbit Heart  proudly presents the Masquerade Ball in the Shire


To Celebrate the Birthday of Master Bilbo Baggins and Master Frodo Baggins

And the arrival of the Autumn Solstice

A fantasy themed night of mischief and revelry!


Hobbits, Lords and Ladies, Dwarves and Elves you are hereby invited by Shire Rose to the Annual Shire Mystery Masquerade Ball.


This evening see's the World Turn'd Upside Down; Where Fools become Princes for one night. Where Goblins, Orcs, Faeries,Nymphs and other Creatures of the Night, beyond the realm of vision , are free to make merry, tempt, jest , carry out acts of foolishness, dance , sing  and wantonness....


Signed : Keeper Brombard Foxtail

Date: September 22nd, 2020

Time: 8 pm ((BST,  3 pm /servertime - 9 pm central EU summer time))

Location: Mathom House - Michel Delving - The Shire

((Event details, OOC details:

Rules :

Guests from other races, Dwarves, Elves, and Men are also invited, although this is a hobbit event. If you can bring your hobbit, that would be nice.


All participants must wear a mask/costume. ( Optional :  Participants can create a hobbit alt (the masqueraded mystery hobbits). If you can please keep the identity of these hobbit secret. )


A 5 minute slot can be allocated to musicians, poets, storytellers and performers that wish to entertain. Please contact Amorey vial mail in game or on the Laurelin Archives to reserve a slot.  

-The 'Guess Who?' Game:  After the musical performances, a signal will be given to all the guests. This will be the beginning of the 'Guess Who?' Game. Each hobbit will be centre stage  while others will try to guess his/her real identity.

Grand Finale : Musical surprises , fireworks and all over merriment.

 We expect this event to last as a normal 'Green Dragon Friday' this will be achieved with the cooperation and initiative of all participants.

- NOTE : To access the Mathom House you will need to  have reached  Acquaintance Reputation with the Mathom House ))

Please come along, have fun and enjoy  the magic of Masquerade Ball