Grand Order 9th Anniversary Party and Play, Sunday 13 November

Post date: Nov 04, 2016 10:26:31 AM

By Lina Willowwood  

The hobbits of The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom have great delight in inviting our friends and acquaintances to a party of special magnificence on occasion of our ninth anniversary. The party will also see the premiere performance of the brand-new theatrical play, "The Most Precious Harvest". Welcome friends!  

Date: Sunday November 13 

Time: 7:30PM ((UK time, 2:30PM servertime)) 

Location: 4 Wending Way, Songburrow, Shire Homesteads

Nine years and counting

Our ninth anniversary! Of course, this has to be celebrated, with a party including speeches, drinks, food, fireworks and entertainment. The kitchens in Songburrow are gearing up already, and there is sure to be a few unexpected surprises as well. Will Strollers or Badgers show up? Will there be brandy? Perhaps! Just don't be surprised should you find some free-roaming oinkers in the village.

Please note that the party will not be held at Songburrow Hall (in part due to an unfortunate recent swine invasion in the Hall interiors), but at miss Rubysue's burrow in 4 Wending Way.

Welcome to good friends, neighbours and aquaintances! We hope to see you in Songburrow!

The Most Precious Harvest - premiere performance

Harvest time is here! Time to visit the harvest competitions, compare your neighbour's vegetables with your own, and above all, eat everything and anything you can before the winter arrives. However, this autumn, the village of Songburrow has something special to offer for those that are hungry for entertainment: the Grand Order Acting Troupe (GOAT) has born anew and has prepared an autumn-themed play to be performed during the party on Sunday November 13.

The play tells a story about a simple farmer who has only one thing in his mind: to grow the best vegetables in the whole Shire and win prizes at harvest competitions. However, his dream is threatened by extreme weather conditions which torment his dear veggies. Desperate, he asks a mysterious water spirit for help, with unforeseen consequences... Come and see it for yourself!

The actors getting ready for the play.

(( OOC:

We would be delighted to extend our hospitality to the hobbits of the Shire, as well as to good friends among the dwarves and the big folk.

The event will be held IC within a RP atmosphere ((so no OOC talk, even in brackets)). Weapons and armour should not be worn within the bounds of Songburrow; please dress for a social gathering or in traveling garb. Please leave your pets at home.

For the play, the audience will be pointed towards a good spot to see the performance. Please be aware of the LOTRO /say bug, where you sometimes can't see what others are typing in the /say channel. The best trick to fix it is to physically run through the actors before the play starts.

Welcome friends!))