GRAND OPENING: The Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library

Post date: Dec 23, 2018 3:52:3 PM

By Mollywobbles Puddingdale 

The Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library is proud ter announce its Grand Opening! 


One of my Elfish Guardians, Miss Laureliniel, thought it would be grand fer me to finally set up a museum devoted to Hobbitses & Elfses Scholarship. As I was raised in Rivendell and have now lived in The Shire for many years and devoted myself to mathom studies, she thought I was uniquely qualified to manage it. To that end she has established "The Eldar Shire Scholars" for me.

I haven't had the chance ter celebrate my birthday in the shire at all... so I thought I might finally do sommat about that – so the Grand Opening is my way of sharing my birthday with Shirefolk and friends.

A sneak peak at the private reading room for very serious mathom research


What: The Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library GRAND OPENING

Where: 4 Brookbank, Gladcreek, Southfarthing – THE SHIRE

When: Saturday January 12, 7:30 pm ((UK Time))

Entertainment would be grand so all bands, bards, and poetical folk are welcome, payment in all yer can eat from the cafe!

Thank yer!

Miss Mollywobbles Puddingdale

Senior Curator & Scholar, Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library

Grand Order of the Lost Mathom